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Chase Bowden

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Chase Haley Bowden is from Cincinnati Ohio and started dancing at the age of 10 years old dancing for his studio owner and mother Amy Reik. Chase trains in ballet, tap, jazz, acro, contemporary, musical theatre, hiphop, lyrical, and ballroom. Chase has been seen in GQ Magezine and on global commercials, magazines, billboards, and posters from his worldwide campaign with “Timberland” in 2018. Chase was seen World of Dance Season 1 with the “Miami All Stars” and season 2 with “Embodiment the Collective.” Chase toured with Embodiment in the World of Dance Live Tour in 2018 traveling to 32 cities in the U.S and Canada. Chase was featured in Shanghai Fashion Week dancing and modeling for GAP, Old Navy, Zara, and FILA. Chase can be seen dancing and doing print work for “Cartier” as well. Chase has also back up danced for artist Bebe Rexha and Shoshana Bean. Chase has also danced on NBC’s the voice, Fox’s teen choice awards (Bebe Rexha). Chase has recently gotten off Derek Hough’s 59 city national tour all across the United States. Chase has also choreographed on several companies and has taught internationally around the world and teaches at the “Edge Performing Arts Center” in Los Angeles every week. 

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