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About Us

Welcome to All Out, a competition and convention that jumped onto the scene in 2020! Here at All Out, we put our focus on creating a fun, positive, confidence-building environment where dancers, studio owners / teachers, and even parents can learn and grow not just as artists, but as people. 


Far too often with competitions these days everyone gets caught up in winning trophies, overalls, and titles. Don’t get us wrong, there are PLENTY of those to win here, but we also wanted to create a competition and convention where dancers can walk away with much more than that. That idea is actually where we came up with the name “All Out!” How many times have you told your dances to go all out, to push themselves to really get to the next level? Growing up as dancers we heard it all the time, then becoming teachers ourselves, it is something we say often. When students listen, push themselves, and go All Out, that is when they grow both mentally and physically. They start to believe in themselves as artists and it starts to extend way past just dance. It helps them grow as people and that is exactly where we are going with this competition and convention. Our All Out team takes pride in every dancer’s personal growth and we believe we designed a competition and convention to produce a supportive outlet, allowing every dancer to excel in dance at its purest art form and also help them learn how to network throughout the dance world. This is actually how most of our faculty was brought together, through dance competitions and conventions over the years! 


The instant students, teachers, and parents walk through the doors, it will be an exciting, super fun, unique, and unforgettable environment where everyone is growing together! As for the competition side of things, we are a fully digital competition that uses DRC video judge for all your critiques and also offer a very reasonable media package! We offer unique awards to allow numerous opportunities for competitors to be recognized, including: adjudicated awards, category placements, overall awards, titles, studio awards, special awards, cash prizes, and scholarship opportunities. We offer this in two different divisions, through both the competition and convention to keep it as competitive as it gets! We also offer personalized studio rebates. Any questions you may have you can give us a call or shoot us an email. We realize there are many choices out there when it comes to dance competitions / conventions and we thank you for considering us. We hope that you decide to go “ALL OUT” with us this upcoming competition season!

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